Supremacy 1 is a new mobile and browser MMORTS coming to Steam


August has seen another new mobile MMO launch, this one a strategy MMO Supremacy 1914 spinoff called just Supremacy 1, which developer Bytro says is meant to be a deep MMORTS that is still accessible to newbies.

“Supremacy 1 puts players in command of a nation during the dark days of World War I, in grand Long Term Strategy (LTS) warfare. Players’ actions happen in real time over days and weeks in epic massively multiplayer campaigns. In Supremacy 1, your choices matter and long-term strategy counts. Manage your nation and control your troops. Betray your allies and keep your enemies close. Establish your armies and align your economy to support the war effort. Research and develop new technologies like gas, U-boats and dreadnoughts. Engage in subterfuge and deploy spies. Leverage your diplomatic skills and build alliances with other players to dominate Europe and the world.”

The game is currently free-to-play on iOS and Android and in-browser, with a Steam launch planned for “later.” We don’t know how later!

Source: Press release, official site

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