Webzen will no longer run Flyff as transfer of the MMO to a new publisher is underway


It appears to be the end of the Webzen era for Flyff as the free-to-play MMO will no longer be serviced by the company. However, the game will live on as it will trade hands with an unannounced new publishing partner.

“We are working with Gala and the new publisher to ensure there is a smooth transition between companies, with the priority being as little impact to yourselves as possible,” reads the announcement. “We just want to thank everyone for their continued support throughout the years – it was truly you, the community, who made the game what it is today.”

Details of a transfer period for existing Flyff characters will be provided soon, though players can currently request a transfer to the new publisher via the in-game client between now September 22nd, at which point Webzen will be ending its tenure as steward for the MMO.


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Robert Dinse

Anybody know where Flyff moved? I transferred my character to the new site but then had to reload Windows, don’t know where the new site is to get the game client.

Bruno Brito

This game was a huge mark on my gaming story.

I’m not proud of it.