Conan Exiles adjusts avatars and followers in console patches, moves on to PC


Usually in multi-platform MMOs, the PC version is the first to get updated and consoles follow shortly after (likely thanks to the differing certification processes for each console). In a rather odd twist, though, Update 41 for Conan Exiles has landed on PS4 and Xbox One first while update timing and details for PC players are missing at the time of this writing.

The update itself is mostly about balance, tweaking the power of thralls while also dialing back world boss health pools as well as making some adjustments to avatars in order to circumvent some exploits that were found in their use. The update has also bundled up several bug fixes, crash fixes, and server optimizations.

A look through both the official site and the forums offers few details for PC players, with some of the last update posts for the platform being shared in July. Even the Steam page is mostly pointing out some building contest winners. But the testlive server does offer some promise:

sources official forums, Twitter (1, 2)
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