Neverwinter is dramatically overhauling mounts and reducing cash-shop mount prices

Neverwinter is dramatically overhauling mounts and reducing cash-shop mount prices

Neverwinter is due for a mount overhaul, and as it turns out, PWE is game to give it one. “Mounts in Neverwinter are very much the same as they have been for years,” the studio admitted in a blog post yesterday. “While that is a good thing in many areas, there have been some aspects of mounts that you, our community, have been asking to see improved. As having a blog post implies, we have made some changes that will soon be coming to a server near you and we wanted to share all the details.”

In a nutshell, PWE is planning to “simplify” mount speed down to just to speeds – the existing legendary mount speed, and the slowmo mounts aimed at roleplaying and parades. It’s also adding mythic-quality mounts, upgraded with tokens bought in the store and acquired through some events (like Hell Pit). And finally, stable mounts gain a new collar slot, allowing players a chance for further stat customization.

As a final perk, PWE says it’s lowering mount costs in the cash shop – by more than half when it comes to epics – and handing out one free pack of mount goodies for everyone (so definitely hit up the reclaim agent for your tokens and stones and coupons). Check out the whole blog on the official site for the full run-down.

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Being able to upgrade any mount’s rarity is a bigger takeaway here for me. The only mounts that give you an extra ability are legendary mounts, and the only way to get legendary mounts up to now has been either by getting obscenely lucky with gambleboxes or paying an obscene amount on the AH to get one from someone who got obscenely lucky with gambleboxes.

Robert Mann

The overhaul reads that all mounts will now have those abilities, just that they scale with rarity. It’s certainly an improvement on those fronts, for one of the biggest P2W areas of progression in the game.