Rumor: A new version of the Nintendo Switch is due out some time next year


Everyone likes the Nintendo Switch. It’s a solid console that’s portable and fun and useful. About the only thing it’s lacking is some hardware power because… well, that’s never been Nintendo’s primary goal, after all. But there’s a rumor going around once more that you will be able to pick up a turbo-powered Switch next year, with 4k resolution support and other bells and whistles to compete with the upcoming Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

This is still just a rumor, of course; a similar rumor floated that there would be a high-end Switch and a low-end portable one, but only the former has actually been released at this point. Still, if you’ve got a solid library on your current Nintendo console and want to see more, maybe earmark some cash for a new console next year. Hey, Nintendo has learned its lesson from the Wii U; stick with the thing that’s working.

Source: Boomberg via Kotaku

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John Mclain

Yeah, no. This is not going to happen. At least not without a few more years of technological advancement to make it possible. Hell about the ONLY way they do this currently would be to make a new docking station with a high end pc-grade gpu/apu built into it that takes over for the switch to make 4k possible. If you think 4k is possible on the switch itself without making it larger, your dreaming.

John Kiser

I’d be curious how exactly they are thinking about doing this as it seems woefully unlikely without Nvidia making a better Tegra chip than what they have now unless Nvidia is building them a completely custom chip that is based off Tegra at this point I’m not so sure we’d see an update to it just yet unless they go with an entirely different chip which may present some unique challenges depending if they rely on anything proprietary in the tegra chips.


Seems highly unlikely. The moment 4k was mentioned my trust in this rumor went to almost nothing. That would be a gigantic power upgrade to a system that can’t even run modern games at 720p without a massive downgrade to graphics. It’s just not Nintendo at all to do something like that.


A new, more powerful Switch would make sense…but, this is Nintendo we’re talking about.


Neural jacks or nothing.

I’m tired of playing ‘Chase the Console’ game.

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I’ve held off on even considering getting a Switch because of this exact habit. I’ve got plenty of things to spend my time on to patiently wait and see if this will come to pass or not.

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After 798234987234 rumors before, maybe this will finally be the one that pans out! Was planning on caving and picking one up later this year, but I can wait a bit longer in the hopes that they’ve got a model with a bit more horsepower to it. 4K would be nice and all, but I just want a console that won’t make games look like potatoes while in handheld mode.


So irritating.