Rumor: A new version of the Nintendo Switch is due out some time next year


Everyone likes the Nintendo Switch. It’s a solid console that’s portable and fun and useful. About the only thing it’s lacking is some hardware power because… well, that’s never been Nintendo’s primary goal, after all. But there’s a rumor going around once more that you will be able to pick up a turbo-powered Switch next year, with 4k resolution support and other bells and whistles to compete with the upcoming Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

This is still just a rumor, of course; a similar rumor floated that there would be a high-end Switch and a low-end portable one, but only the former has actually been released at this point. Still, if you’ve got a solid library on your current Nintendo console and want to see more, maybe earmark some cash for a new console next year. Hey, Nintendo has learned its lesson from the Wii U; stick with the thing that’s working.

Source: Boomberg via Kotaku
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