World of Warcraft announces more low-population realm connections

Roast somebody.

Just like the next expansion is bringing players together with the dead in Shadowlands, the current server plans for World of Warcraft seem to involve linking the dead (low-population servers) with the living (higher-population servers that are already connected). A fresh batch of connections is planned for August 27th, with numerous realms linking up with one another; check out the rundown to see if your realm is among those being joined to another.

Meanwhile, as players wait for the expansion pre-patch and the expansion itself, some have gotten a bit tired of waiting and have opted to just start playing the new story in other mediums. For example, by beating the ever-loving snot out of a bunch of other wackjobs with weapons in Soulcalibur 6 by recreating Bolvar the Lich King. Well, former Lich King. Look, he’s a glowing zombie with a huge hammer and that should be enough. He’s doing his best.

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