ARK Survival Evolved celebrates three years since official launch, drops Crystal Isles map for console


So I was looking at my calendar this morning and I realized that this week is ARK Survival Evolved’s third birthday since its official launch. Obviously it’s quite a bit older than that, but you know how early access goes: They don’t want you to count those years against them while they’re working on it, but they definitely wanna count ’em after the fact.

Anyhow, as it turns out, Studio Wildcard had a little something planned in the form of its Crystal Isles map. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it rolled out to PC players earlier this summer, but now it’s launched on PS4 and Xbox One too as of today. It was originally a player-created mod that came out in 2016, but the studio says it’s “polished it to bring out its shine,” with four biomes, a new dino, new wyvens, and a boss arena.

Today’s update also doubles all harvesting, experience, and taming rates permanently in the core game; custom servers will need to tweak their values accordingly if they don’t want rates to increase. Have a happy one, ARK.


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I play single player, and I think I’m fine with the permanently boosted rates. It just means I have to hit somewhat fewer rocks to make each piece of building. The limiting factor is still how heavy everything is and needing hundreds (or thousands!) of some resources to build certain things. My lumberjack mammoth (Manny, because I am the most original person EVAH >.< ) can still only hold about 10,000 weight worth of wood before being slowed to a crawl.