Bless Unleashed is running a PC closed beta test next month – here’s how to sign up

Leashes? We don't need no stinkin'... oh, never mind.

If you’re over there watching Bless Unleashed run its PS4 beta and wishing you could play it on your PC, first of all, that’s already come and gone with Bless Online. Y’all remember how that went, right? But second of all, if you really want another bite at that apple, you’re about to get your chance, as Bless Unleashed for PC is planning an official closed beta preview test run for 12 hours on September 26th.

Neowiz’s Round8 Studio announced the test this morning, opening up signups through a Google form through September 15th. It doesn’t seem there are any regional restrictions, as it says “applicants from across the globe.”

1. All chosen participants will automatically gain access to the next CBT.
**The exact CBT schedule will be announced at a later date.
2. All participants of the Stress Test and/or CBT will be awarded the in-game title of ‘Breaker of Games’ when the game is officially launched.
3. Players who link their accounts with the Bless Unleashed homepage will receive access to every CBT as well as a 7-day Value Pack (in-game item).
4. (Random Giveaway) : 100 lucky players who upload their Bless Unleashed screenshots in the Steam Community during the Stress Test will get a $10 Steam Wallet gift card.

The game is slated to launch for PC early next year.

Source: Press release

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I will only try it if they give me a free copy. I already paid for the dead game once, i’m not gonna get fooled again..

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Heh I got a PS4 beta key for the test the other week and then completely forgot about it as I got distracted by other stuff. Oh well maybe another time I guess /shrugs

Hikari Kenzaki

We’ve come back around to PC again, eh? I’m sure it will be totally different…


For peace of mind, there is actually an official website that links to the google form in this article. It isn’t just some random google form asking for your personal data ;)



Bruno Brito