EverQuest II lights up Solusek’s Eye with Game Update 115


Things are heating up in EverQuest II with the release of Game Update 115: Reignite the Flames. The patch comes equipped with many challenges for seasoned adventurers, including two new raids, a heroic dungeon, and additional quests. It also looks like fighting underground dinosaurs is in the cards, so be warned.

“A return to the Plane of War is upon us,” Daybreak announced. “But it is not for the faint of heart, it will take a formidable company to advance upon this fabled Celestial Realm to relive the death of Rallos Zek, and witness the ascension of the Hounds of War. The flames of war have been relit with level 120 raid challenges and rewards!”

The Solusek’s Eye: The Calling raid and heroic dungeon asks players to defend a dragon lair from outside forces, while the Fabled Plane of War raid relives one of the key moments in the game world’s history. You can read all of the patch notes for GU 115 over on the site.

Source: EverQuest II

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