Last Oasis lets larger walkers haul smaller walkers, plans an AMA and devlog later in the week


Let’s say you have two Walkers in Last Oasis, yet you are but one person who cannot drive them both at once. What do you do? Pack up the smaller one into the larger one thanks to the Walker Packing Attachment that was recently released for the survival sandbox.

That alone isn’t really enough to base either a news story or an official game announcement on, so the same post from the devs at Donkey Crew promises a lot of additional communication via an upcoming AMA on Reddit this Friday, August 28th, as well as a new devlog that promises to share plans for the game moving forward on Thursday, August 27th. Incidentally, the game’s official forums are being closed and archived in favor of a full move to Reddit.

The post closes with a very brief Q&A section that touches on how the game’s Commerce update is coming along, how detailed future patch notes are planned to be, and plans for stabilizing FPS. Rather interestingly, the first question asked about how to get new players in to the game was ducked by the Q&A, pointing to the aforementioned Thursday devlog that will provide more in-depth details.

New players could certainly be used in the game, as current numbers show Last Oasis’ population is hemorrhaging and Steam user reviews sit at “Mixed,” with many reviews decrying how large clans dominate the game and how burning tiles is a mechanic that drives most players away.

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