Nexon’s mobile/PC MMO V4 adds new content and customization perks today


V4, Nexon’s mobile-and-PC MMORPG, has barely been launched for a month, and it’s already celebrating a milestone: a million downloads. This week, the game has pushed out its first major update as promised, with “new areas, including the Viten Highlands and Highlands of Illusion, new companions, new conquests” plus “new gear slots, Soulstone accessory slots, and additional Dark Imprint Stone rewards.”

The new maps – Viten Highlands in Syllunas and Highlands of Illusion in Lunatra – are definitely the centerpiece here, adding new quests and region bosses as well as opening up new gear slots for people who go on monster-slaying binges.

Players should check out the rest of the patch notes, which touch on localization as well as map and UI improvements. There’s also a login event running through September 4th.

Source: Patch notes

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Malcolm Swoboda

Tried for minutes and noticed genderlock bye


Thanks for the heads-up. I won’t touch genderlocked garbage.

Aaron Weddle

that’s sexist