Starbase shows off new tools and a player-made navigation system, offers player-designed ships for sale in-game


The month of August has been a rather active one for the closed alpha of interstellar sandbox Starbase, enough to fill up an entire video’s worth of information. So that’s just what the devs of Frozenbyte did.

in the video we get a look at a new welding tool that makes connector plates for beams obsolete (or at least optional), some updates to the Universal Tool that helps players see what materials are in asteroids, what materials are needed to repair a ship, and provide visual blueprints for repairing constructs, and a look at the player-created ISAN navigation system along with details on what items players need in their ships to make use of it. Starbase has also added three new ship shops that are filled exclusively with player-designed ships including the Hype Van. Speaking of Hype Vans, there’s a brief look at a Hype Van-only PvP fight as well.

As for this week’s forward progress, there’s another set of very granular update notes with word on remote explosives and mining laser changes, several progress steps for the Demolition job, some assets for an explosive drill (which just sounds nasty), and short video peeks at a mining saw and ship-mounted autocannons.


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