MMO Business Roundup: Fortnite iOS’s lost parity, Halo Infinite’s debunked rumors, Funcom’s movie


Welcome back to another quick roundup of MMO and MMO-adjacent (mostly adjacent today) industry news.

Fortnite iOS players who don’t read the news are in for a nasty surprise today when their game doesn’t pick up the latest Marvel-themed season and update. While the game will still function on Apple devices, it’ll be locked to the 13.40 (chapter 2, season 3) build, meaning no new content while the Epic-Apple lawsuit wears on. Apparently, that’ll mean iOS version players can’t progress with the season’s battle pass or crossplay with other platforms that do get the update. Hey, y’all wanted a walled garden, right? Just don’t be tempted by the Ebay vendors trying to sell phones with the game preinstalled – one supposedly went for over $11,000. (Thanks, Eggbert!)

Remember that rumor floating around earlier this week that Halo Infinite had been delayed again-again? More than it has already been delayed? 343 Games has denied those rumors, saying it has “no plans to change [the] 2021 release or the devices and platforms [the studio will] be supporting.” As RPS points out, Xbox’s Phil Spencer had already previously confirmed that 343 did at one point consider delaying the campaign in favor of getting multiplayer modes out first, but the company ultimately decided to keep them together for the now 2021 launch. All that said GIbiz has a report up today pointing out that Microsoft moved one of its own core developers to the studio to “get the game back on track.”

Finally, one of Funcom’s games is getting a movie! Unfortunately, it’s not one of its MMOs; it’s Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. IGN says the movie’s being rendered in Unreal, produced by Pathfinder and HaZ Films, and directed by Hasraf Dulull. Major Howard the Duck vibes from this. Before you ask, no, there’s still no news on the Secret World TV show backed by Johnny Depp.

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