Star Wars: The Old Republic tops Steam’s new F2P releases in July

Ohhh snap.

Is it the Force or Valve that’s giving Star Wars: The Old Republic a huge bump in popularity this summer? Perhaps it’s both, because a month after BioWare’s MMO hit Steam, it’s already topping charts on the platform.

This past Tuesday, Valve posted a list of the top Steam releases in July as ranked by revenue generated during those titles’ first two weeks. SWTOR is on that list of 20 titles, but it gets better! It’s also at the very top of the list of free-to-play titles, “as ranked by total unique player count.”

‘Even though we launched with only 10 days left in July, we were listed in the Top Releases of July 2020 for Steam,” BioWare said on Twitter. “Thank you to all the Veterans and new players alike that made this launch absolutely incredible.”

Source: Steam

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