The Elder Scrolls Online celebrates the Imperial City with bonus PvP and PvE rewards


The Elder Scrolls Online is apparently going to celebrate the Imperial City of the game’s fiction by having people fight Daedra and one another. That’s kind of a weird way to celebrate things, but it’s not weird enough to stop the creation of a special event that offers extra rewards for taking Imperial City-themed challenges on.

Between September 3rd and September 15th, players can earn bonus rewards for either fighting in the Imperial City PvP zone or taking on the White-Gold Tower and Imperial City Prison dungeons. Goodies include double Tel Var Stone and key fragments, bonus chances at picking up the Stonefire Scamp pet or the Soul-Shriven skin, and bonus loot from Trove Scamps, Cunning Scamps, and dungeon bosses.

There will also be Imperial City district daily quests that reward a Legion Zero Strongbox full of goodies, with a Glorious version of the strongbox offered for the first completion of these dailies, and players can earn event tickets that can be used to purchase even more items from the Impresario.


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So shit game doing shitty things

Same as it ever was

Bruno Brito



Same old crap.


“The same procedure as last year?” – “The same procedure as EVERY year!!!”

Bryan Turner

Is there a way to go IC with out being flagged for PVP, or having to queue for it through PVP because PVP sucks.

Chris Walker

Not that I’m aware of. I love PVP in ESO. It’s what I spend 90% of my time doing in game.


I started playing ESO almost 2 months ago primarily because the combat and PVP looked like fun.

Really glad I picked this game up.


I swear we just celebrated the Imperial City a few months ago.