Gamescom 2020: Dual Universe gives you five minutes in heaven


Cinematic trailers are all well and good, but when it comes to getting a handle on how a title actually functions, there’s nothing quite like a gameplay video to establish expectations. At Gamescom this week, Dual Universe is pulling out the stops to get noticed for its innovative design, and it’s this design that you can see at work in a five-minute narrated gameplay video.

The video shows a wide variety of structures, ships, and vehicles — all created by players in the beta — and talks about how Dual Universe’s voxel tech enables people to pretty much make whatever they want. “The creative possibilities are practically endless,” the studio said.

There are some really neat details in this video, such as how a player created a working copy of Breakout within the MMO. Check it out and see if this might put Dual Universe on your most-wanted list:

Source: YouTube

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IMO still too early for those who want to passively wander around and see the sights or expect much serious PVP action, but creators will be excited by all the possibilities, and as a platform for designing buildings and ships and such it’s got an almost overwhelming amount of options and depth.

I dabbled a small bit in pre-beta (was a kickstart investor) and am very excited to finally dive in and see what I can do.

One important note: they have a twin of the main world that is PVE only for those who do not want to have their beloved creations get smashed by some random.