PvPvE survival battle royale shooter The Cycle is leaving early access and releasing on Steam in Q4 2020


Well, here’s some good news for those who are looking for yet another alternative option in the battle royale subgenre: The Cycle is going to exit its early access period at some point in the fourth quarter of this year and will release on both EGS and for the first time ever on Steam.

For those who don’t recall, The Cycle bills itself as “a first-person shooter with a twist,” that twist being a mix of PvE elements and PvP that brings to mind some of the beats of The Division’s Dark Zone insofar as getting out of the map with your collected loot. The fully released version will feature an update that brings a new map, weapons, and modes, and the promise of “reimagined features to emphasize the game’s survival elements, let players set their own goals, and bring real consequences to players’ actions.”

Of course, the game is still in early access testing and making tweaks along the way, with the most recent patch introducing several adjustments to a variety of weapons and a plethora of bug fixes among other updates.

sources: press release, official site

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Played it here and there for about 5 hours. It has potential, but the devs are still very much in the “let’s see how this works out” phase. I’ll come back and check it out after they change the game to a class-based one.



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Tobasco da Gama

It’s a great concept, but I’ve given up trying to guess which BRs will live and die. Best of luck to them.