Torchlight III delays its next early access patch to at least September 8


You know, if there’s one constant in Torchlight III’s development, stretching all the way back into when it was an MMO called Torchlight Frontiers, it’s that stuff gets announced and then stuff gets delayed.

Ahead of the fall launch – and no we still don’t have a hard date – Echtra Games and PWE had been working on updates to monster tuning, performance updates, and bug fixes, but that update is not going to make the originally planned timeline (which might be why the studio is still being cagey about the game’s final launch).

“As part of our shift from aggressive content updates to more refined builds for Early Access, we are currently working to ensure this build is ready for release, including testing the tuning for every difficulty and resolving many of the player reported bugs,” the studio says. “Because of this, the upcoming update is currently slated for September 8th; we do not consider this date as a firm commitment; our priority is to ensure a stable and improved build to Early Access. And while delays are never fun, sometimes we just have to cut ourselves a bit of a break.”


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How is this one compared to the first 2? I enjoyed the first one a lot – though I’ve never finished either of them. Same formula? Or do they change it at all?

Watching from afar – with hesitation. Delays aren’t always a bad thing – consistent delays..? Maybe start artificially padding your timelines :)

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I’m enjoying it but…it’s definitely not the same game but it shares a lot of the skeleton. You can see a ton of the leftovers from when it was designed as a F2P title (pointless connecting zones that are just peoples forts, pointless short wait timers on crafting materials for forts etc.) and zones are much more akin to the tight corridors of the first game rather than the mixture of corridors and broad, open zones from the second.

It plays pretty well, but there’s some wonkyness with movement (you’ll try to run “through” an enemy and stop rather than run around them like in other games) and it seems like there’s some kind of minor server delay periodically, but it’s still enjoyable. Not sure how I feel about the whole leftover “frontier” system built around resistance types specific to different zones, it really feels more obnoxious than anything else and makes juggling gear to try to build for each different zone type annoying at end-game.

Honestly, I am having fun having just reached the endgame (seems like a basic mapping system with short maps/bosses and progressively more difficult modifiers) but I don’t think it earns the 50% increase to a $30 price tag for EA, which will go up to $40 at launch most likely.

I’ll stick with it, but if you’re looking to get the most value I’d stick with TL2 and just mod the hell outta it. It’s not a bad game, and it’s definitely improved since EA launched

Kevin Smith

You nailed a lot of it. I am curious about the fort and when the solo play option gets turned on at release. At that point will it only be your own fort in the add on sections. Just one of the random thoughts I have had.