Ashes of Creation’s latest stream homes in on castle sieges and hybrid combat


Ashes of Creation‘s latest livestream is a wide-ranging one, covering the game’s hybrid combat system, castle sieges, context expectations for beta, and the probability that Ashes of Creation will eventually move to Unreal Engine 5.

Intrepid also said that it’s not going to move into its new studio until next year: “In regards to our move, Steven was referring to our office move, not that dates were moving. We are all currently WFH due to COVID-19, so we’ll be moving back into our new San Diego office after Alpha One, so that we aren’t doing both around the same time.” The team’s also hired on 16 new people, filling 16 of its 24 open positions.

And Intrepid reiterates last week’s revelation that it’s ceased working with for its European and Russian operations; it will open its own European branch to handle the game in the region.

As usual, fansite Ashes Post has a great summary of the livestream in case you’d rather read than listen. (Heroes!)

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