Final Fantasy XI’s Autumn Power Up Campaign gives you more stuff in a variety of content

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The current new story content for Final Fantasy XI is titled The Voracious Resurgence, but you know who has always been pretty voracious? The players. They want stuff. Sure, new content is also good, but they also want new stuff. And when September 11th rolls around, the Autumn Power Up Campaign is going to provide a lot more stuff for players to enjoy for doing all sorts of content. You want more seals? You get them. Want more rewards for completing seal battlefields? You get those, too.

More combat or magic skill gains? You can get those. You also can get extra treasure chests for clearing Unity fights, more experience for clearing campaign content, more gallantry from Ambuscades… you get the idea. Take a look at all of the stuff that’s getting more stuff as a reward in the latest dispatch from the development team. It’s a lot of stuff! In all senses of the word.


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