RuneScape and Old School RuneScape preview fall plans, discuss endgame content

Dig it.

It’s a double dose of Jagex developer heads talking about game stuff! Two whole hours of conversational content! And craziest of all, it’s absolutely free so long as you’re paying for internet service!. Prepare to wear down the edge of your seat as RuneScape and Old School RuneScape both talk about what’s coming next!

All right, that might be an overblown lede, but the point is that there are pieces of information being offered in both of these streams. In RuneScape’s case, the devs outline a map of updates from October into the end of the year, with Orthen and a Halloween event due in October, a new boss, construction update, and a new quest due later this year, and the Elder God Wars dungeon being pushed back into sometime next year, with future updates promising to lead into the new encounter. Of course, the devs also took questions from the community about a variety of topics and touched on other updates, all of which are either in the video or summarized on Reddit.

As for OSRS, that game’s dev livestream touched on Poll 72 changes, the delay of Group Ironman and Clans into 2021, a wide variety of updates to various skills, and what is holding back the devs from adding new high-level endgame content among a whole host of other topics. That one doesn’t have any synopsis, but there are timestamps to relevant topics for those who want to blip to their most desired details.

sources: YouTube (1, 2), Reddit

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