Early access survival MMO Last Oasis adds biodegradable exosuits


We’ve always been a mixture of intrigued and skeptical of Last Oasis’ devotion to its woodpunk aesthetic, but bless this team’s courageous hearts, the game hasn’t wavered from making wood THE building material of the post-apocalyptic future.

Case in point, this week Last Oasis is adding exosuits. But unlike the metal frames that you might see in most games, these exosuits wrap the user in the safety and security of sticks. OK, we’re still a little skeptical, but we’re willing to give this idea the benefit of the doubt.

How well is the game doing? Well, it’s fallen far from its original peak at 33,000 players with its early access launch; in the last 30 days, it’s peaked at 1333, with less than half that playing as we type this now.

Source: Steam

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It suffered from the same thing every open world PVP gankbox does… people who just want to mess up other people’s play time. This drives away new players very quickly.. and this game in particular became a ‘huge clan zerg’ that roflstomped any newbies, small clans, etc.