Fluffy dogs adventuring with salty dogs: Sea of Thieves’ September update introduces dogs


During this year’s Gamescom, Sea of Thieves executive producer Joe Neate offered up a little video rundown of what players can expect for the multiplayer piratical sandbox in September, which will include a new Gold Hoarders voyage that will become a permanent choice and the addition of dogs to the Pirate Emporium. Neate also promises there will be “a bunch of other stuff” in the update as well, but those are the two highlights.

Those announcements pretty much make up the meat of the video, which was sandwiched between massive pieces of verbal bread talking about the game’s Steam launch, its focus on regular events, and the promise of the next year being Sea of Thieves’ biggest one yet. Details on September’s update are likely due to arrive soon, but for the time being you can hear Neate’s general address in the embed below.

source: YouTube

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I just want to say I enjoyed the headline!

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I adore the addition of dog pets in games. The Sea of Thieves art style is great and makes them and all the other pets look so good!