League of Legends quietly introduces a new character to the public beta environment


Usually new MOBA additions are met with all sorts of pomp and circumstance, but in the case of the newest addition to League of Legends we apparently just got some initial rose imagery and an arrival to the game’s public beta environment. Perhaps Riot Games burnt up all of its hype with the new K/DA song.

Say hello to Samira the Desert Rose, a character that has a mixture of melee and ranged skills and even has a Q ability that changes depending upon how close she is to a target. Samira’s passive ability focuses on landing unique combo hits and building up to six ranks of “style” that reward her with more movement speed for each style grade, and one of her skills not only has her spinning to win but also blocks ranged missiles.

Details on when this new character will arrive are not available pretty much anywhere on the game’s official channels, but there are some datamined details of the public test build that outlines Samira’s full abilities, though naturally players should bear in mind that she’s still in beta and could see changes. There’s also a little peek at her in action with the trailer below.


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Hikari Kenzaki

I’m loving the new K/Da video: