Path of Exile is headed to the Epic Games Store in September, expansion reveal is tomorrow


While many players of Path of Exile are understandably eager for the next expansion that’s arriving in September, there’s something else happening that month: an arrival to the Epic Games Store.

This news simply offers the multiplayer ARPG another avenue for players to get in to the game and will not have any sort of effect on the standalone client or the Steam version of the game. It ultimately boils down to giving players choices and possibly expanding the game’s community as it heads towards its next bit of new large-scale content.

Speaking of which, consider this a friendly reminder that the reveal for this new expansion is coming tomorrow on September 1st. And by that time, there will possibly be folks from EGS joining in on the fun.


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Dug From The Earth

The best way to play POE, is through the games default launcher

Playing it through steam results in absurd patching times in comparison, as well as extra complications sometimes when trying to make purchases using your steam wallet.

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See BalsBigBrother’s post, they’re apparently working on a fix for the glacial pace of patching on Steam for the next league.

Axetwin .

Inb4 the new league is an ESG exclusive.

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Loyal Patron

There is some good news for the folks who play PoE via Steam:

Bryan Turner

So is it an expansion or a league?

Bryan Correll

League. It’ll be version 3.12.

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Ville Uusitalo

Hype for the Hype of the Hype…

Doesnt matter – ill jump the train anywho! :D

I wish POE2 beta would be announced soon though.. Last time I got automatic beta-key to 3.0 since I had supported them with 600+usd.

Hard to beat last two leagues though. Delirium had super-loot, and Harvest super-crafting… From one extreme to another.

I wonder what they can come up with to beef-up-the-game even more!!!