Warframe shows off new kitguns, previews a new Necramech, and starts taking Xaku feedback


This past Friday, the folks at Digital Extremes held yet another home devstream for Warframe, and as one would expect, it was pretty much all about the recently released Heart of Deimos update.

During the stream players got a sneak peek at a number of future goodies due in later updates including some Infested Kitguns which can have their parts combined with those of the Kitguns sold by Rude Zuud in Fortuna, a new Necramech that players will be able to build as well as confirmation that Necramechs will be deployable in normal missions (though their mobility will be severely limited by not fitting through doors), and some models and animations for a new enemy and new conservation target arriving to the Cambion Drift zone. Additionally, the devs confirmed that they will begin gathering feedback regarding the recently released Xaku ‘frame and its abilities and making an adjustment pass based on that feedback.

It’s about an hour’s worth of Warframe content with some apparent Heart of Deimos spoilers mixed in, so watch at your own risk.

source: YouTube, thanks to Sophiskiai for the tip and the synopsis!

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ah, yes! warframe!

i love how the new xaku perfectly synergizes with the tiku on graktu!
it’s a bit grindy with the old plishplash system but that’s just how warframe is.


It’s no Zaku, but it is a Xaku.