World of Warcraft plans more server connections for NA and EU realms


The trend (one might say spree) of realm connections for World of Warcraft rolls on. If you liked being on a nearly empty server? Well, you’ll just have to get used to having a bit more in the way of contacts, as there’s a fresh batch of connections planned for North American realms on September 2nd and September 3rd. The first maintenance is just for Dreadmaul and Thaurissan being connected to Frostmourne, while the September 3rd maintenance will connect several more low-population realms.

Not to be outdone, the EU realms will also have a number of realms connected on September 3rd as well, so everyone gets a higher ambient population no matter what. For the record, this will work like prior connections, so there’s no risk of losing your name from a server merge or anything of the like; you’ll just have a wider group of people you tend to run into and more players you can trade with easily.


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Just before an expansion population bump seems like a strange time to do a server merge.


I’m not sure why they don’t just merge all the lower pop servers instead of connecting them. The list of dead or very low pop servers is long, and then they have a handful of extremely high pop servers that almost everyone plays on.

Kickstarter Donor

Because server closures = DAED GAEM!1!11!ONE1!ELEVEN11!!!1

This is an easier way of addressing population concerns without the negative hit of needing to close down servers. Comes with the benefit of not causing any issues in the playerbase with renaming characters/guilds etc. It’s honestly damned smart on their part.


I misread the title originally and thought blizzard was doing away with europe vs US accounts. So I got all excited because I lost the ability to use 2 european accounts when I moved from Europe to the US (Last I checked the only way to pay for them was using european bank accounts I don’t have any more.) Read the article and realized this was something way less exciting.

Vinnie travi

I will only come back if they do a fresh server with no cross realm functions. After playing Classic for awhile you don’t realize how destructive all this cross realm stuff has been on the community. I don’t expect that to happen so I figure to be done with wow.


Yeah I’m surprised they don’t ever release new servers, people enjoy levelling together and having a brand new economy.

Rick Mills

I’m just happy I’m on Earthen Ring.