Wizarding battle royale Spellbreak launches September 3 – here’s the latest trailer


Yep, it’s another battle royale game launch. This one, however, is all about flinging spells angrily at other wizards, which might be enough of a hook for some. If you are among those eager to do precisely this, then you’ll want to keep eyes on Spellbreak, which is making its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the Epic Games Store this coming Thursday, September 3rd, which was unveiled as part of a fresh new trailer.

For those who need a refresher, Spellbreak first appeared on our radar back in October 2018 and has been making steady development progress ever since, with a final beta weekend wrapping up in July of this year. When the game launches, it will do so as a free-to-play title and will feature cross-platform and cross-progression features to make sure there are plenty of battlemages to fling fireballs at.

Interested players can check out the announcement trailer below, which offers a peek at gameplay as well as sets the overall scene for why wizards are battling royally.

source: YouTube

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