Ashes of Creation recaps August progress, promises more details about nodes soon


The month of August was certainly a busy one for Intrepid Studios and Ashes of Creation, so if you happened to have missed any of the developments that were made over the past month, then you’ve got the handy-dandy newsletter to keep you up to date.

The biggest pieces from the roundup involve streamed details about castle sieges and the MMORPG’s hybrid combat model as well as the opening of an office to handle publishing duties in the EU and CIS regions in Amsterdam; that office, by the way, is hiring.

The newsletter also pointed towards some art pieces from the livestream which focused on armor designes, the Dünir dwarves, and a look at some building growth steps as part of AoC’s node progression system. That same system will be demonstrated soon as the game nears its first alpha phase.

Finally, a couple of choice answers from community feedback points were plucked to bookend the newsletter. The first deals with player opinion on multiboxing, with most not having an issue with the practice so long as there is no automation and those who do multibox do so on different machines. The second regards quest breadcrumb trails — fans of the game are fine with pathing to quests in the opening stages of the game or at the start of finding activities, but also want less indicators or minimal highlighting. So in other words, be ready to read that quest text.

If you happened to have missed the latest broadcast, we’ve got the whole thing embedded below, or if you’d rather get to the parts where the devs discuss hybrid combat or castle sieges, those links have you covered.


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Brian McBride

Wow. I’m impressed and I am very jaded about the MMO space these days.
I am almost tempted to support them by buying a package. Although, I’ve been burned too many times in the past to pull the trigger… yet.
Maybe the next update might convince me.


The progress is looking good, was interesting to hear more info about castle captures. Kind of disappointing that the castles themselves are rather small, though they mentioned they have larger ones. Also, I am impressed that they are still “Working from home” according to Margaret yet they manage to make such videos with multiple people conversing and gameplay, unlike some other developer.


The Castle that was showcased during the video was 1/4 the size of a normal castle. They kept it small for the Alpha 1 testing for testing purposes with the numbers they will have in Alpha.

The other ones (the live castles) will be much larger.