Old School RuneScape reworks the Costume Room in the latest update


Cosmetics are an important part of any MMORPG experience, and for players of Old School RuneScape, that experience is getting a bit more refined thanks to a newly released Costume Room rework.

This update introduces quality of life features like the ability to see as many sets as possible in alphabetical order without splitting them up in to multiple pages, the ability to store incomplete sets with an interface that outlines what pieces are missing, the ability to store spare pieces, and a new panel that lets players store items with a single click. There’s also an easy access feature to find the pieces you want, and Deposit Mode and Deposit All buttons. There are some restrictions for those in Ultimate Ironman mode: Incomplete sets can’t be withdrawn from the Costume Room, and multiple sets cannot be stored.

In addition, the update has made a number of changes to the amount of sets that can be stored in Magic Wardrobes and Armor Cases, upgraded the Amulet of Blood Fury, and returned blisterwood tree XP earnings to their introductory rate, yielding 76 Woodcutting XP for each log chopped.


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