Wild Terra 2 adds in the joys of agriculture with its latest patch


They say that you reap what you sow, which feels unfair. After all, if you had expected to reap the consequences of your earlier actions, you probably wouldn’t have sowed so many of them in this manner, right? But in Wild Terra 2 you can now literally reap what you sowed, as the game’s latest update adds in the basic form of agriculture to the game. Those sweet Stardew Valley dollars will just come rolling in any moment at this point.

As the game is still in early access, of course, the current form of agriculture is very limited and only contains the most basic set of crops; Barley, Rye, Carrots, wild cereals and wild root crops are your options for growing. Still, it’s your chance to start working on your own farm if you want to, and what could be more appealing? Unless you already work on a farm and this is what you play to get away from work. Then it’s less appealing.

Source: Steam

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