World of Warcraft is taking several ‘burst cooldowns’ off the global cooldown

Sometimes it just makes sense.

Ah, the noble burst cooldown in World of Warcraft! What the heck is that? Well, in short, it’s a cooldown you press to boost a bunch of outgoing damage. Avenging Wrath for Paladins, Recklessness for Warriors, Pillar of Frost for Death Knights… you get the idea. You press the button now, and then for a limited time your abilities get better, and then the cooldown ends. And a lot of those are getting taken off of the global cooldown with the next beta patch for Shadowlands.

Why? Because they were clunky when on the cooldown, really; it didn’t feel fun to press a button to boost your damage and then wait until you could press another button to actually deal damage. Now you can just press these buttons and start going, which is closer to older functionality for several. While players clearly have several more abilities they would prefer to have off of that global cooldown, seeing these ones moved off is obviously seen as a step in the right direction.


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(press either 2-4 buttons (burst, pot, trinket, hitter) simultanously or macro them to 1 or lose 1 gcd)

it may be a small step for a man(y of us), but its a giant leap for Blizz.

Carlo Lacsina
Carlo Lacsina

I’m surprised it took so long to get done! This sounds a lot like how the damage boosts like Fight or Flight in FFXIV work as OGCDs


As someone who just resubbed, good change I think, as a shaman I’m tired of hitting our big haste button. But in the end, what is this really doing, do I just tie it into my macros and now it’s expected a shaman gives 30% haste?

Bruno Brito

Good change.


*Naked pigtails one-shotting players on rated BG’s with insta-Pyroblasts!! News on WowHead!*

…I’m pretty sure it won’t be anything like that. :)

David Goodman

WHen Blizzard put them ON the GCD we told them it was clunky, wish they’d done this before.

Some of these burst cooldowns have such a short cooldown that they might as well be rotational (their up pretty much every pull, or every other pull at least, such as Bestial Wrath.)

still, good change back even if late.


I like this.

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I’m liking a number of actions Blizzard has been taking in regards to listening to feedback for Shadowlands. Though it’s still frustrating for some like this where the problem should have been handled better in the first place. Hopefully we continue to see more positive changes.