World of Warships celebrates five years and details planned changes to commander skills


Happy birthday to World of Warships! It’s been five years since the naval multiplayer battler kicked off, and the folks at Wargaming are marking the occasion with a new update full of things for fans to take on. There’s a new permanent campaign of 50 tasks across five missions, a temporary asymmetrical battle mode where a team of five to seven Tier VII–VIII ships will fight against teams of nine to twelve ships of Tiers V–VI, and a new Tier VIII cruiser that can be built, among other things.

As for the game’s future, the devs are planning on making some adjustments to commander skills like adding new skills and changing some old ones, adding a separate section with unique skills for each class, increasing the number skill points from 19 to 21, introducing the ability to dismiss unused commanders to get elite commander experience, and reducing the amount of experience required to retrain a commander to another researchable ship by half. All of these changes are currently planned for testing and are not final, but the dev blog features more specific details on where things are going for now.

sources: press release, official site

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Rees Racer

I love this game. It has evident flaws. It has ships that never existed (except on paper). There are balance issues. There are matchmaking problems, as always. But you can pick one (or a few) of the major naval powers from WWII, each has strengths and weaknesses, and find your preferred play style.