PSA: The Division is free for the next week


As the world continues to deal with the ongoing pandemic, there’s nothing like jumping into a video game that… deals with a pandemic? OK, so The Division’s setting may be uncomfortably close to reality these days, but it still was a really solid game and a fun multiplayer experience for those who wanted to crawl through an apocalyptic version of New York City.

And the good news is that for the next week, Ubisoft is making the original game free for anyone who wants to claim it. “Ubisoft is pleased to offer you Tom Clancy’s The Division,” the studio said. “You can claim your free game from September 1st at 03:00 to September 8th at 04:00 (your local time) and you will be able to play it at any time!”

You will have to claim it on Ubisoft’s website and access it through Uplay, but hey, free is free. Get to it, agents.

Source: The Division

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Malcolm Swoboda

Got it earlier, cool, one step closer to getting a Division 2 which is a step closer to me caring for a Division 3, but with everything going on with Ubisoft (as well as my general distaste for narrative choices in regards to social issues, despite the care that I personally know some of their devs definitely have), this is the least to keep me interested. I bought some AC series game bundle this year for cheap but damn its hard to want to do more.

At least I get to explore a ruined New York.

Zulika Mi-Nam
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Zulika Mi-Nam

The atmosphere of snowy NYC in Div 1 is great.

Kickstarter Donor

The whole atmosphere and setting of the game—occurring at the tail end of the pandemic—just feels so much better than Div2’s months-later, post-apocalyptic murderfest.