Squadron 42 heads back to the mocap studio, fleshes out aliens, and fills out narrative lulls


August was busy not just for the devs of Star Citizen but also for the team working on the single-player Squadron 42, at least in a few areas. For one thing, members of the team were able to return to a mocap studio in Derby for a two day shoot, and while there were some reported challenges in making the work environment COVID safe, the devs are evidently glad to be back in the studio after a long hiatus.

The newsletter also notes progress made in creating the Vanduul race’s armor and lance weapon, crafting animations for the Xi’an race, and making a number of adjustments to a few key heads like cleaning up skin textures, refining hair, and addressing facial animations. Finally, progress continues to be made on several cinematic scenes, and the narrative team has focused on adding environmental story elements to scenes and identifying potential moments that could benefit from additional content, such as filling in potential lulls or calling out gameplay mechanics.

As usual, there are far more granular details, so those who are following SQ42’s progress, incremental as it seems, will do well to read the full report.

source: newsletter

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So it’s pretty safe to say the beta is not happening this year because that newsletter does not inspire confidence.


(2023) 10 year anniversary will release SQ42. (2025) Star Citizen beta.. still a long way to go.

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I bet if you randomly shuffled the past 2 years’ SQ42 updates, nobody would be able to tell what order they go in.

ichi sakari

while I get your point (and the whole style does help them tend to blur after years) I must disagree, there’s guys with databases who obsess over every.single.aspect, there’s prolly one guy who can recite them in order

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