Star Citizen’s August development report marks progress on ships, Pyro planets, and cargo hauling changes


With September just starting, it’s about time for CIG to offer its usual monthly look back at development progress made for Star Citizen this past August, cobbling together the work done on the game up to this point.

Highlights from the monthly report include environment artists using new planet creation tech to begin the “whitebox complete” stage of Pyro VI, create moons for Pyro V, update Stanton’s moons and planets with the new tech, and continue the creation of the gas giant Crusader. Creation of ships continues forward as well, with the Crusader Mercury entering its final stages, habitation and cargo sections of the Crusader Hercules progressing forward, and creating final art for the Origin 100i and the Esperia Talon.

On the gameplay side of things we see work being done to make cargo hauling more interactive and engaging, adding things that haulers will need to pay attention to like temperature for food items or stability for some in-development volatile cargo. The devs are also working on a reputation system that changes as missions or tasks are complete, unlocking perks as well as support for in-game organizations and their rankings.

There’s more to look over for the month of August, so interested fans will want to scour the full report for the latest.


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