Legends of Aria opens up the Monolith for free for the weekend


Do you currently have the Dark Sorcery DLC inĀ Legends of Aria? If not, you cannot enter the Monolith normally. But this weekend the developers are letting you have a little Monolith, as a treat; there’s a free event running until September 7th to allow everyone into the dungeon, giving the barest taste of what the DLC contains without the new skills also included in the DLC expansion.

Players who have Premium status, meanwhile, get a full-fledged new event in which they are told to go into the Monolith to collect Corrupted Echoshards. Collect 60,000 of them and you get to earn one Watcher Lottery Box, awarding a random item off of the Watcher’s loot table. There’s a limit of one such box per paid account, so it’s really a one-and-done event, but if you’re already subscribed it’s a little more reward for delving into the Monolith. And since everyone will hopefully be there this weekend, why not try, right?


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