Sea of Thieves’ Vaults of the Ancients update brings a rich new voyage and quality-of-life on September 9


While Sea of Thieves is quite literally going to the dogs in September, the latest news bulletin from the devs has more fully outlined the update, which we now know is called Vaults of the Ancients and is due to arrive on Wednesday, September 9th.

As announced at Gamescom, the update will bring a new Gold Hoarders voyage, though the video offers a more in-depth look at just what’s going on with this particular mission. In summary, players will be tasked by the faction to recover keys to treasure vaults. From there, players can either elect to turn the key in as instructed, or they could use the found key to unlock a vault found around the world themselves. These vaults hold vast amounts of riches as well as even more valuable loot, though getting to these goodies involves finding medallions and completing puzzles all while under a time constraint. The idea is to create what’s being called a high-intensity in-and-out loot grab gameplay loop.

Vaults of the Ancients will also be bringing some quality-of-life features such as the addition of Mysterious Notes that players can find in their inventories to point them at recommended new content, new slimline banners that announce location arrivals without letterboxing the screen (and thus cutting off player health and ammo UI elements), and a new accessibility option that lets players toggle movement and camera controls for single-stick mode. All of the details are in the video embed below.

source: YouTube
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