Star Citizen debuts a grenade launcher coming to alpha 3.11


Why throw grenades like a simpleton when you can fire one from a specially designed firearm? That’s just what Star Citizen players will get to do in alpha 3.11 when the Behring GP33 grenade launcher arrives, which was previewed in this week’s episode of Inside Star Citizen.

The first half of the video is dedicated to the new weapon, discussing how the devs have been creating and balancing it as well as describing where it’s best used. Hint: It’s not really good for small spaces. The creation of the GP33 has also granted an opportunity for the devs to balance grenades in general, so blowing people up should hopefully feel better in the game all around, whether one hucks grenades from a launcher or with their throwing arm.

The second half of the video dives into another sprint report, which grants looks at a new lighting model for particles, another day/night lighting preview set in Lorville, an update on more hard surface shading applications to more ships (which in turn will mean more paint schemes and liveries), continued terrain painting progress for Stanton’s planetary surfaces, and a sneak peek at the exterior cargo deck sections of stations, which will be arriving in alpha 3.11 and will get their own dedicated section of Inside Star Citizen in the coming weeks. On the subject of space station features, there’s also a look at ship-to-station docking collars that will allow much larger spacecraft to dock at stations without plopping themselves on an undersized landing pad.

source: YouTube

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