WildStar’s composer creates a brand-new music track for terminally ill player


For those of you who traveled in WildStar’s orbit back in the day, you may remember a guy named Avidguru. Avid hosted the WildCast podcast and was a great supporter of the game, even after WildStar’s shutdown. Sadly, he contracted colon cancer several years back and is now coming to the end of his life.

However, Avid will not go unremembered by his friends, nor by WildStar’s former team. On Thursday, Composer Jeff Kurtenacker debuted a special, brand-new WildStar track just for Avid.

“It was an honor to revisit the WildStar themes and compose this just for you,” Kurtenacker tweeted.

The track is called “Swordmaiden’s Prayer” and was titled and given a dash of lore by former Carbine Game Director Chad Moore. Of the piece, Moore said, “May the weight of our words, the remembrance of our deeds, and the measure of our hearts echo both in this world and the one that comes after. The culmination of a life well-lived and love given… Nexus remembers the ones who made a difference.”

So to celebrate Avidguru’s life and his love for WildStar, let’s enjoy this new melody today:

Source: Twitter

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Thank you to Jeff and Chad for being good, caring human beings, especially at a time when such behavior seems to be in woefully short supply.

Avid, may the next world welcome you with love, and wash away all the pains and sorrows of this one.

Dankey Kang

May god rest his soul.


Lovely tribute for a lovely community member.

It warms my soul to know that though the game is no longer with us, the WildStar community is still strong and cares for one another.

Bruno Brito

We all got wild stars on us.


“Nexus remembers the ones who made a difference.” And so will we. Jeff, Chad – you are amazing human beings. Avid, it’s people like you that bring out the best in us. You are a gift – all our love to you my friend!


This is why Jeff is still one of my favorite composers.

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I did not expect to be emotionally compromised so early in the morning. What a beautiful tribute. Makes me miss Wildstar even more. :'(