World of Warcraft Classic’s smaller servers are not getting the help they need for the Ahn’Qiraj War Effort

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The next phase of World of Warcraft Classic content updates will bring in Naxxramas, which is something you would like to have following the opening of the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj. We already know about players on some Classic servers that made their way through that event with great alacrity. But some of the game’s smaller servers are encountering a notable problem with just not having that many people to turn in materials, something Blizzard promised would be addressed by automatic turn-ins to help ensure servers got through the event. Except that 38 days in, that appears to not be happening.

Players are understandably upset about this particular issue, since it means that many smaller servers are not receiving the promised help and thus are unable to make any progress toward opening the gates. There’s been no official word on why this is failing to take place, so it may just be an error, but it’s filling players with some anxiety about actually getting the raid open. Then again, the SSD requirement listed for the next expansion’s system requirements was revealed to be an error, so hope springs eternal.


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agemyth 😩

So the Ahn Qiraj opening event sucks about as must as it did in ye olden days.


Don’t worry eventually whole guilds will transfer to the less pop servers and do it for them to get the scarab claim. They did it in live, they will do it here. That said the original slow open took forever for servers that were not turning in. My server’s horde flat refused to turn in and we were way down in the pack initially. (in vanilla) I seem to recall they tuned it up several times before abandoning the event entirely with new servers.


There’s been a concern about the lack of dev involvement with Classic – the nochanges attitude has meant they have been able just to leave it be mostly, like not updating any classes at all across the entire lifetime. But stuff like this needs addressing, as it’s just adding to the problem that everyone wants to play on the biggest 3-4 servers in each region.

Jo Watt

Thats the point of no changes that so many people were chanting. So, I mean what would be the point of making classic servers but then revamping everything which in turn makes it no longer classic.

With making changes here then they have to make changes there… at that point they might as well make several versions…

Classic Classic
Classic Lite
Classic Old but New!

Because the main thing to do in classic is open world pvp and stuff people are going to flock to the main larger servers. They might as well merge them because its not like the low pop servers are gonna have a serge in playerbase.