Hearthstone will have a three-week event all about Scholomance Academy’s Hidden Library


As is always the case with places of magical learning, there’s some sort of hidden repository of ancient knowledge that nobody wants students to find out. But, of course, students being students, they’re going to go looking anyway. That old chestnut is the basic setup for Hearthstone’s upcoming Forbidden Library event, a three week-long series of game modes for players to enjoy.

Week one will introduce a party system to Battlegrounds as well as new Scholomance Heroes; week two features a single-player adventure known as Book of Heroes, which will reward a new Mage pack at its completion; and week three brings back the Heroic Brawliseum. There are also new bundles and a new card back being added as well.

The Hidden Library will be available between September 8th and September 29th. More information can be found at the game’s website or in the video below if you prefer your details delivered by squeaky-voiced Gnomes.

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