Star Citizen sheds some light on how it sheds some lights in-game


You can spend all the time in the world creating neat locations for your internet spaceship sandbox, but none of that work will matter if players can’t see what you’ve done. Basically, lighting is important, and that importance was illustrated in this week’s developer roundtable video from Star Citizen.

Once more, this development video is less about future updates and more a behind-the-scenes of how the team at CIG make things happen. The video showcases how the Lumberyard engine handles lighting through the use of placeable “cube” light sources, and the video also goes over some of the more granular ways lighting is applied and even touches on inspiration for Star Citizen’s lighting, citing James Cameron’s Aliens as an inspiration for the overall look.

The video is, once again, very focused on what it’s focused on without too much deviation from the topic of lighting. If that sort of minutia sounds interesting to watch, we’ve got it embedded below.

Source: YouTube

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The way you illuminated how this game casts shadows was great. What an enlightening article.


In danger of becoming the most amazing game never released.