Last Oasis addresses its thinning numbers with a promise to continue with development


There’s been a recent update to Last Oasis that primarily is about the recently announced Exosuit, a framework of wood, pulleys, and gears that equates to heavy armor in the game’s fiction. It’s… questionable, but we’ve all accepted far weirder video game handwavium before, so we’ll all just agree to give it a pass.

What’s perhaps more interesting to those watching the survival sandbox’s development is the community questions section, which leads off with a question about the title’s dropping numbers — a question that the devs at Donkey Crew have effectively answered with “c’est la vie”:

“We launched the game with unique fresh setting, having great atmosphere and in a pretty polished state, especially in the early game. However we had (and still have) lack of content, number of serious gameplay issues (in particular affecting late game) and lack of customization options. Considering all of that, it is absolutely expected for people to give it a try, play for some time and then leave, while checking on the game’s state from time to time. Not saying we didn’t make mistakes after release, but mistakes are also something to be expected and a part of EA title development.

“The only thing we can really do about this is continue development, fixing the issues, adding more content and ways to play. It is understandable that for many people the current numbers seems worrying, but the more important part is for the game to keep improving and be fun to play. When we fix all the major issues – getting the numbers back won’t be difficult.”

More details about this update as well as some other community questions can be found on the Steam page, and a video showcasing a weapon to never surpass Metal Gear in any way, shape, or form is after the break.

source: Steam

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The walker design is interesting, but I don’t have any interest at all in PVP, and I don’t often play the same game regularly enough to be willing to even attempt the online portion of a survival-crafting game. I enjoy Ark well enough to mostly ignore the dev shenanigens and bugs, but I often stop playing it for weeks or even months at a time. There’d be no point to playing it online when all of my buildings would decay out of existence and all my pets would starve to death. The Last Oasis devs had a specific target audience in mind for this game, and I’m simply not part of the venn diagram at all.

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From a peak of over 30,000 players to a peak of 700 players according to steamcharts this is not a thinning of the playerbase this is a rampant mass exodus from a game that had been horribly mismanaged from the start.

Severe server issues cost them atleast half their playerbase week one. The rest was downhill with the rampant zerg clans and poorly thought out pvp mechanics . Alot of potential that was ultimately squandered.


The game was quite fun at launch, just waiting on them to add some content to get back.


The walkers were a cool idea, and legitimately fun, but they weren’t enough to salvage what ultimately turned into a fairly generic sandbox experience. Besides the cheating, which is inevitable when you make a game for ultra-competitive people who think making everyone else quit is winning, where it really fell apart was that it still just turned into yet another survival game where you build honeycomb bases and grind resources until it’s your turn to get wiped off the map by a zerg. It’s like Atlas having ships but then making 95% of gameplay be on land. Why are you not emphasizing your unique hook?

I think they would have done so much better if they had no base building whatsoever. Really emphasize your walker being a mobile base, and actually keep people moving away from the sun. Certainly didn’t help that they had only a handful of map designs, so you’d leave one when it got burnt to show up in a brand new one that was identical except for resource placement.

Jack Tyme

To many games out now. RIP

Jon Wax

So f2p by end of 2021 then sold to another company who keep the rigs but turn it into battle Royale soon followed by a new game…

“From the makers of Last Oasis!”