Legends of Aria is opening a new area and adding pet abilities and necromancy in Point Release 11


Point Release 11 of Legends of Aria is on the horizon and with it comes a variety of new features, the largest of which is the final landmass for the world of Celador, the Outlands, which are about as dangerous and difficult as the name would suggest.

“In the Outlands, you’ll be exploring an arid land tainted by a strange power, and scarred by those who would attempt to harness it. In this treacherous, rocky desert, your survival skills will be pushed to their limits as you uncover a long forgotten power. Whether you’ll be able to control that power is up to you.”

That long forgotten power, by the way, happens to be the power of necromancy, which will also be available for players to learn in this update. As one would expect, necromancy will be a dangerous balance of life and death as its abilities will be powered by a player’s health pools. The update will also introduce active and passive abilities for pets, the addition of heirloom items that can add up to 20 skill points on top of the traditional 600 point cap when Grandmaster skills are used, and an update to the allotment of spells for the Magery skill.

Point Release 11 is set to arrive some time in November of this year, with more details about what else is coming due soon. Until then, there’s certainly a number of things arriving already that players can look over for the time being.


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