Animal Crossing New Horizons player recreates The Wizard of Oz in-game


With the variety of creation tools available to players in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it’s not a wonder that this sort of thing was done (and is a nice refresher from penis-shaped fireworks). A player by the name of WilbosWorld has put together his own little version of Oz.

In the first video we get a look at the entire island of Oz that Wilbo has built, complete with all the fixings like the crushed Wicked Witch, the yellow brick road, and even some costumes put together of famous characters from the movie and book. And if that wasn’t charming enough for you, Wilbo has also put together a machinima of the film’s opening bits. It’s stupendously adorable all around and we’ve got both videos embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

The Wizard of Oz in Animal Crossing [OC] from r/AnimalCrossing

source: Reddit via VG247

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