Craftopia focuses primarily on bug fixing in its most recent patches


With JPRG-like survival sandbox Craftopia now in early access, the focus of developer Pocket Pair has turned almost exclusively to attacking bugs in the game as noted in its last two updates. Adjustments include better hit detection and more damage to enemies when using axes and hatchets as weapons, fixing a bug where buildings would disappear when moving to a new island, proper display of enemy health pools, and the end of invulnerable enemies when changing islands among a host of other fixes.

As of this writing, Craftopia seems to be finding its niche with players as user reviews sit at “Very Positive.” One review remarks the simple joy of lighting a cow on fire with a torch that subsequently lit other animals and nearby grasslands on fire, while another called it “Terraria/Minecraft and Breath of the Wild combined.”

source: Steam (1, 2, 3)
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