Final Fantasy XIV brings a fresh batch of Ishgard restoration with patch 5.31

Welcome to funky town.

It’s time once more for rebuilding the Firmament in Final Fantasy XIV, as the latest patch has launched today and brings with it a fresh wave of repair projects. There are new items to gather in the Diadem, new recipes to turn in, a new ranking board to climb for contributions before September 17th, and of course new items to earn via Skybuilder’s Scrips. Oh, and let’s not forget that you’ll get to watch the district be restored and unlock new quests when all is said and done; that part is important, too.

Even players who don’t want to do the building portion will be able to enjoy the new hairstyles, housing items, cosmetic outfits, and mounts available with this patch. Players can also get upgrade items for Crystarium weapons in exchange for coins from the Puppet’s Bunker and the Copied Factory, so you’ll be able to hit a little bit harder if you can tear yourself away from building elezen living spaces for a little bit.

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