Guild Wars 2 players built an unofficial addon manager and unofficial upgrade to DX12


If you’re the sort of person who uses unofficial addons in Guild Wars 2 such as ArcDPS or the radial mount menu addon, then you’ll definitely want to know about the GW2 Addon Manager, a newly released utility that, as one would expect, makes managing addons easier.

Created by player Matthew Lee, this new utility not only lets players more easily activate or deactivate their chosen addons but also searches for updates to those addons and let users update them from the utility — no more manual installs. Of course, adding the manager does take a bit of manual work, such as placing the files in a folder on the same drive as the GW2 install and deleting any addon files currently in the system, but by and large this new utility looks to be pretty self-explanatory.

Speaking of addons, there’s also an addon that unofficially upgrades the game from DX9 to DX12, which results in a far prettier Guild Wars 2 experience provided your computer is capable of the load. This is another addon that can be managed by the addon manager, but there are also some specific instructions for anyone using this one. Additionally, there’s a video from GW2 streamer Mukluk with instructions and details of the addon manager after the break.

source: Github via Mukluk
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