Shroud of the Avatar showcases new decorative walls and a flower-filled change to public gardens


This week’s Shroud of the Avatar update newsletter is mostly about pretty things, so if you’re here looking for content updates… well, I mean, the fact that this story is about decorative things was in the headline. Thanks for clicking, but at the same time, why are you here?

For those who are here to learn about pretty things in the MMORPG, there’s a new style of craftable stone walls. These walls can be scaled scale from .5 to 1.3 (which has also been applied to all wall building packs) and have what is described as a significant amount of overhang in order to allow building-minded players some more creativity and flexibility. These new stone walls can also be placed indoors, in basements, or in dungeons. Just in case you want that exposed stone rustic look.

Another change outlined in the newsletter relates to public gardens in player-owned towns, which are now moving away from being sources of agriculture to a source of pretty flowers. Since all players receive two free property deeds allowing use of the agriculture system, the original public garden functionality is no longer needed, so the planting beds will instead sprout a variety of flowering plants. And for those who want more pretty gardens in their town, the public garden building will soon be added to the Crown Store.

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